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Youth Information
Service of Kazakhstan

Youth Information
Service of Kazakhstan

A non-profit organisation that unites young caring people who want to invest their knowledge, energy, and intelligence into the development and prosperity of Kazakhstan!

Human Rights School

The training platform for young human rights defenders in Kazakhstan has been operating since 2015. Here, you can learn the basics of the concept of human rights, international law and technology of human rights protection. Additionally, mini–grants for human rights initiatives are awarded by the end of the school. The course takes place once a year in summer, participation is free of charge.


An informal conference dedicated to youth social initiatives that has been held in Kazakhstan and Central Asia since 2010. Our goal is to involve young people in social activism, create networks, and disseminate the best practices of social development. An accelerator and mentors who help launch youth projects also work at the venue. The conference takes place once a year in autumn.

Kazakhstan Internship Program

Internship at human rights organisations, independent media, and socially responsible companies in Kazakhstan. It runs for 1 to 3 weeks. Here participants study how civil society works and test their own social projects. It takes place twice a year: spring and autumn.

History is not concealed

Youtube program about the modern history of Kazakhstan from the words of its eyewitnesses and participants. We talk about the transition from the Soviet period to an independent country, about dependence on large empires and about decolonization. Figure out how the first parties, human rights organisations and independent media appeared.

Training on recognizing disinformation

Short training on how to recognize disinformation and propaganda, and expose fake news. We provide knowledge on how to effectively analyse information and recognize manipulative techniques in texts, photographs and videos. The training lasts 2 hours.

League of Young Voters

Independent election observation: here we teach young people election laws, as well as explain what rights we have as voters. We also observe voting day at universities and colleges and protect the electoral rights of young people. The project operates during every election, using crowdfunding funds.



      In 2004, the first law “On State Youth Policy in the Republic of Kazakhstan” was adopted. We proposed to develop the document 4 years earlier. Since then, we have regularly made suggestions to improve it.

    • School of Civic Education

      A series of lectures and master classes with famous Kazakhstani politicians, political scientists, journalists, economists, cultural and educational figures. Here we analyze politics and basic human rights. The school lasts for one month, takes place once or twice a year in spring and/or autumn.


      The School of Responsible Business is a new educational platform for young entrepreneurs, students and teachers of business majors, which teaches sustainable business development.


      • Fariza Ospan

        civil rights activist, graduate of the School of Human Rights (2015)

        I used to be weighed down, I thought about quitting my studies, I wasn't interested in anything... in 2015, we were forced to go to the polls. I arrived at about 6 p.m. and was informed that I had already been voted for. It stunned me. Then I started asking myself questions: "What contribution am I making to my country?", "Why do I love my country?", "Do I want to stay in Kazakhstan?" And I started looking for people who knew the answers to them. On VKontakte, I responded to an invitation to a public speaking meeting. That's how I ended up at an event in MISK, where I stayed because I found my people. Studying at the School of Human Rights gave me the confidence that I myself can do something. Soon, my team and I made a project on women's rights. I was able to offer MISK more than I thought. And MISK taught me strategic thinking and gave me great networking – I'm still friends with many people.

      • Sultan Esmagulov

        graduate of the School of Human Rights (2018)

        In high school, I was engaged in animal protection, organized clean-up days. I used to want to become president, but now I don't really want to. MISK helped me see problems specifically, rather than generalizing them. In 2015, at the School of Human Rights, I did a project on peaceful assemblies in Karaganda. Until the problem of the platform, the tool with which you can express your opinion, is solved, other changes are much more difficult to make. I am studying for a master's degree in St. Petersburg, there is a scholarship competition within the university - this is how active young people are supported. MISK wrote a letter describing our project in Karaganda. And I was given this grant!

      • Sungat Anapia


        “I’m studying to be a journalist, but now I think that in order to achieve my goals, it’s optimal to work in an NGO. MISC projects showed me how NGOs work, what their capabilities are, what social projects and social business are. At MISK I became a pro-feminist, and I also began to understand more how society works - how and why people live in Kazakhstan and all over the world. At the School of Responsible Business, a speaker from Europe showed us pictures of children in Africa working to get the resources to make our phones. It amazed me."

      • Arsen Aubakirov


        “At the School of Human Rights, I learned how to work with information and establish communications. Here I found like-minded people and was able to go beyond the stereotypes of the local community. The most interesting experience at MISK was when I became the director of the ZhasCamp (non-)conference in Petropavlovsk. Everything that I previously saw only in the capital and Almaty has now appeared in my hometown. Also, the management of the branch taught me not to set too global goals, such as “World Peace.” And choose a clear and accessible idea and implement it.”

      • Arystanbek Anzhikov

        participant of ZhasCamp Accelerator (2018)

        I came to Ust-Kamenogorsk from a small area with a Kazakh mentality: for me, "uyat" was in the first place. In my second year at university, my friends and I started going to an orphanage to play and chat with the kids. Many were not psychologically ready to volunteer and did not want to spend their weekends on this. And then I realized that there were many things I did not appreciate before: I have parents and many opportunities. In 2018, I learned about social projects at ZhasCamp. I proposed my project and became a participant of the republic's camp in Almaty.

      • Ziyat Abdukayumov

        participant of the Open Parliament project (2022)

        Thanks in large part to the project, this year I was invited to the working group on access to information, one of which has already completed its work and sent a bill for approval with other authorities. We will wait for the draft law in the Majlis. Plus, there are small developments in by-laws: Kazakhstan is introducing a standard for accessibility of web content for people with disabilities, which takes into account the diverse needs of users, including problems with vision, hearing, motor skills, speech, cognitive abilities, learning difficulties and neurological disorders. After its approval, we will monitor and try to influence the new version of the ICRiAP order on the informational content of Internet resources of government agencies.

      • Aizat Ulibekova

        documentarian in the project "Documenting the January events" (2023)

        I hope that this project will help preserve the truth about the January events, the stories told by eyewitnesses are confirmed by facts in the form of photos, videos, audio. Since the authorities of our country are trying to cover up many moments, they will not mark the peaceful rallies and marches into history as peaceful, but will expose them as a terrorist act. For me, it is important to help convey this truth, to capture, to pass on to people, to the future generation, that's why I took part in the project. Perhaps, thanks to this project, the names of the victims of the 2022 shooting will one day be in history textbooks. The benefit of this project is that we have conducted full fact-checking and, from the mouth of eyewitnesses, we will convey to world human rights organizations those facts that may not have been discussed yet.

      • Rustam Zhantasov

        graduate of the School of Human Rights (2017)

        The spirit of justice has always been in my blood. And MISK gave me a lot of tools in the field of project management, skills in journalism, experience in inventing and implementing projects. I started making ToDo lists, applying SWOT analysis, communicating and getting the information I need via email. Now I understand the importance of working with young people: when girls and guys have a problem, they don't know what to do with it, what ways to solve it. Here, they teach you how to find them.

      • Askar Sadykov

        graduate of the School of Human Rights (2017)

        In 2017, in Semey, we did an advocacy campaign - this refers to an initiative that promotes any public interest in the authorities. We opposed the plans to destroy the last park space in Semey and held clean-up days there. This place had become pleasant for walking, alcoholics and drug addicts stopped appearing there. And soon after, all the trees there were cut down and burned. And we spoke through websites and TV channels, drafted a petition, and held public hearings. Unfortunately, the park area could not be restored. I am currently taking an online course in investigative journalism and preparing my investigation.

      • Temirlan Yensebek

        author of Qaznews24, a civil activist

        I thank the entire MISK team for the support and assistance provided for me in 2021, when I was targeted for publishing in my satirical publication qaznews24. The legal service provided me with great support and assistance, thanks to which I was not imprisoned for three years. Special thanks to Zhanar Blagabayeva, my lawyer, who defended my rights, honor and dignity. What you are doing for the citizens of Kazakhstan is an invaluable contribution to the development of a democratic state.


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