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Власть.kz: The kids are not okay (2019)

«Hyperborea»: Elections-2023: How to campaign, observe, vote? (2023)

Radio Azattyk: Observers: The CEC exaggerated the number of voters in Almaty (2023)

Radio Azattyk: The sword of Damocles is over the heads of independent observers. Election Eve Alarms (2023)

Radio Azattyk: "Let it hold out, the mobile group is on its way." Report from the Office of the Observer Coordinators (2023)

The Republic: "New elections according to the old scenario." Opinion of Daniyar Moldabekov (2023)

The Republic: Irina Mednikova: "Build your America in Kazakhstan" (2023)

Astana TV: "Living Library" people about books (2016)

Almaty TV: Under special control: Why are Kazakhstani youth trying to go abroad to study? (2020) Daniyar Beksultan on the TV Channel (2013) Vasilina Larina on the TV Channel (2013)

Polyton Club: Elections (2019) For the poster — to prison: youth of Kazakhstan for fair elections (2019)

BARIBAR.KZ: Irina Mednikova: young people do not succumb to the fact that the elections were held with an old scenario (2022)

TEDxYouth@AbaySt: CIS youth: control and search for freedom (2019)

СА Монитор: Межэтническая напряженность

Voxpopuli: ZhasCamp 

ТК Казахстан: ZhasCamp

Inform: Kazakhstani youth do not want to go to the polls

Matrix: Young people have a passive attitude toward elections

Радиоточка: Ирина Медникова: "Нам непонятна концепция государства - как оно хочет развивать молодежь

Радиоточка: Маслихаты: взять и отменить? – "Радиобаста"

Радиоточка: Молодежная политика в Казахстане – исследование "Радиоточки"

Радиоточка: Ирина Медникова: “В Казахстане нет исследований по молодежной политике”

Face to face: Ирина Медникова: Молодежь интересуется бизнесом

365: The city authorities ignore the number of cyclists

Бизнес и власть: Анатомия казахстанской молодежи

CA Monitor: Зачем нужны отчетные встречи с акимами?

Радиоточка: Кто попадет в Совет по  молодежной политике

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